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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Edited videos now online

Hi again.  A year has passed since we started out on our adventure.  During the trip, I filmed every day with my GoPro camera, I have now started editing and uploading these videos to my site:


Each day has been condensed into 10-20minute videos.  I will eventually make a 10minute video of the whole trip, speeded up, from start to finish.  Now you can see pretty much all the highlights of the trip in these videos. 


  1. Hi Simon. I just came across your blog from a post on Adventure Cycling's forum. Congratulations on the journey. I'm planning to do the same for my fortieth birthday but taking the Southern route from San Diego to St. Augustine. I'll be checking out your pass updates on this trip. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hey there, how doing. Thanks for the email message, cheers it was quite a trip! You can contact me direct at simon@webm8.co.uk which is a bit easier if you wish.

    Ah, I will check the route of the Southern tier. I hope I can help in some way, but as it's a different route, terrain etc, I'm not too sure if I can. I will do my best. I hope to follow your blog when you do it next year?